Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teddy Bridgewater QB-Lousiville: Scouting Report

-Great accuracy
-Above average mobility
-Reads coverages
-Understands coverages
-Very smart with ball placement
-Decent footwork
-Protects the football in the passing game
-Can play through injuries
-Not afraid to check the ball down
-Above average throw on the run accuracy
-Good accuracy when throwing outside the pocket
-Can go through his progression
-Good throwing motion
-Finishes almost all of his throws
-Not afraid to step up in the pocket
-Can look down the gun barrel and take a hit after he gets rid of the ball

-Short strides in the pocket causes him to have less time to make decisions/read defenses
-Tries to be too safe with throwing the football
-Does not anticipate pressure
-Gets sacked too easily
-Needs to protect ball when getting hit
-Arm strength looks average
-Tends to hold onto the ball too long
-Durability issues because of his inability to get rid of the ball and get out of pressure
-Can be a bit delayed when moving on in his progression which cause him to not place the ball where'd like
-Has a tendency to get too deep in the pocket
-Sets his feet too wide sometimes when throwing

Pro Comparison: Andy Dalton

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