Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fantasy Football Top 5

1. Adrian Peterson
When the second leading rusher is four-hundred yards from the leading rusher, it's a given to take him first overall.
2. Calvin Johnson
When the second leading receiver is three-hundred yards from the leading receiver, it's a given to take him first overall (unless Adrian Peterson almost breaks the all-time single season rusher record).
3. Arian Foster
Foster has produced similar yardage year in and year out. His receiving numbers went down last year, but the Texans added a deep threat in DeAndre Hopkins, so Foster's numbers should go up.
4. Doug Martin
"What? Where's Alfred Morris?" The reason Alfred Morris is not here, is because without RGIII, I'm not sure what the Redskins' offense will be like. I don't think the Redskins want Kirk Cousins to be the starter if RGIII is injured, hence the signing of Pat White. I also believe the Redskins will eventually field calls for him and get a second to third round pick for him.
Doug Martin has the higher ceiling because he has the shakier quarterback situation and they will try to protect Freeman/Glennon, by giving it to Martin in every which way.
5. Ray Rice
Rice's numbers took a major hit last year, going down by two-hundred in both rushing and receiving. But, I believe that with the loss of Anquan Boldin, Flacco will look to take the pressure off himself and dump the ball to Ray Rice.

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