Monday, July 22, 2013

Johnny Manziel Scouting Report

QB #2 Texas A&M          6-1 200 lbs.               Right Handed Redshirted Sophomore

-Good Arm Strength
-Can throw off balanced
-Very quick
-Has never before seen athleticism at the quarterback position
-Has RGIII speed
-Can throw the ball up to his receivers
-Very accurate on short, intermediate, and deep throws
-Has the arm talent to make all the throws from the pocket
-Can drop the ball in front of the safety and corner routes
-Can make some back shoulder throws
-Can fit the ball in the tightest of windows
-Easy throwing motion
-Fun to watch (*Note: Jersey Seller and Ticket Seller)
-Looked much more developed vs. Oklahoma
-Stood in the pocket longer vs. Oklahoma
-Makes sure deep ball is only catchable by receiver or by no one
-Protects his right shoulder when on the run

-Runs a lot of draws (Takes a beating)
-Plays are usually designed for one receiver (does not have to make a lot of reads)
-Gets tricked into running by the defense, then loses yards
-Sometimes backpedals
-Has to jump in order to complete some throws
-Turns body and runs at the sight of pressure which prevents him from throwing
-Needs to throw the ball away more
-Looks to run too much
-Leans back when throwing sometimes
-Tries to throw when feet aren't set
-Often lifts his back leg when throwing
-Does not throw a tight, great, or consistent spiral
-Extremely raw
-Has to use his body too much on some of his throws
-Rarely takes snaps from under center
-Occasionally will have a hard time with the deep comebacks
-Senses pressure too early
-Makes "Freshman/Rookie" mistakes
-Will make his own pressure
-Tried to throw with his left hand instead of taking a sack vs. LSU, and almost was picked off
-Rarely completes the deep ball
-Will lower his left shoulder to finish runs sometimes
-Will throw off his back foot
-Off the field question marks
-Low character
-Can he be a franchise quarterback?
-Is not forced to make many reads, offensive plays are set up

NFL Comparison: Robert Griffin III

Thursday, July 18, 2013

David Fales Scouting Report

QB #10 San Jose State         6-3 220 lbs.                Right Handed Redshirted Senior

-Quick feet
-Above average pocket awareness
-Good velocity on short and intermediate throws
-Trusts his receivers
-Anticipates where the ball needs to be
-Looks down the field when scrambling
-Can make the "NFL" throws sideline to sideline
-Able to throw his receivers open
-Takes what the defense gives him (*hint West Coast Offense)
-Sets up the receivers for after the catch
-Changes ball velocity
-Can consistently make the back shoulder throws
-Knows where the ball needs to be, ball placement wise
-Can drop the ball behind the linebackers
-Great with timing routes
-Lets his receivers go up and get it
-Great accuracy with the short throws
-Easy throwing motion
-Can take a beating

-Feet are too wide when throwing
-Lifts right leg too high after he throws
-Tends to jump/hop around in the pocket
-Seems to be panicky because of his jittery feet
-Small legs, isn't built great
-Does not appear calm in the pocket
-Anticipates pressure too early
-Has a tendency to throw to first open man
-Does not throw a great spiral
-Does not identify pressure in pre snap reads
-Often throws to first read on play
-Needs to develop a progression
-Backpedals in the pocket
-Needs to get in the routine of dropping back
-Does not take many snaps under center
-Does not have good arm strength
-Under throws the receiver if the ball needs to travel more than forty yards
-Has an okay internal clock
-Needs to work on medium to intermediate accuracy and arm strength

NFL Comparison: Ryan Nassib

*Note: I would like to see more difficult play-calling next year to determine how smart Fales is, he appears to be a bright quarterback, but there is not much information to go off of as of now.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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