Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Projected Quarterbacks Week One For The New York Giants

Current Quarterbacks:
Eli Manning, David Carr, Curtis Painter, and Ryan Nassib

Eli Manning is the franchise guy obviously, two rings under his belt, he has a good 5-6 years left.

After going through the entire roster, I determined that there will be just enough room for three quarterbacks. The big decision for Big Blue is whether or not to hold onto David Carr. He's starting to get up there in age, but I don't think Nassib will be ready to be a NFL backup just yet. Carr has the experience over Nassib; but I do expect this year to be Carr's last with the Giants.

Curtis Painter is just an extra arm guy. He's there to keep the throws off Eli's arm in the preseason. He's also there to have an extra guy who knows the playbook if Carr or Eli were to ever go down. He's could possibly get cut before training camp even starts, because of the Giants quarterback acquisition.

Ryan Nassib is a rookie fourth round pick out of Syracuse. He's worked with and has had success with the West Coast offense primarily. There was an awful lot of speculation about Nassib reuniting with his Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone in Buffalo, but as the draft came to Day 3, the Giants, not the Bills felt like he was the best player on the board. At first they were determined to take in with 116 pick in the round, but after the Eagles snatched up Matt Barkley, the Giants had to go up and trade for the two time Pinstripe Bowl Champion. Nassib dress for very few if any games this year, and will be on clipboard duty. His first years in New York will be dedicated to him perfecting his craft and learning from one the elites in the league. The fit with Eli is almost out of this world. Eli is one of the best deep ball throwers in the league, and Nassib's biggest knock coming out was he struggled tremendously with the deep ball.
Nassib will likely take the reins from Carr in 2014, and eventually take the reins from Eli when and if the Giants think it's time.

Projected Quarterbacks Week 1:
Eli Manning, David Carr, and Ryan Nassib

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