Monday, January 28, 2013

Mock Draft 1.0 Top 10 Picks

1. Chiefs: Luke Joeckel OT
Andy Reid has been wanting a franchise offensive lineman for years. Now he has one right in his face. I'm sure he will acquire a quarterback in free agency, the Chiefs will have a plentiful amount of sub-par quarterbacks to choose from.
2. Jaguars: Bjoern Werner DE
3. Raiders: Jarvis Jones OLB
4. Eagles: Dee Milliner CB
The Eagles secondary has been awful ever since they assembled two years ago. I'm pretty sure Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie will not be back next year, he is one of the top free agent cornerbacks this offseason. He will want the big bucks, which the Eagles can't offer because of Nnamdi. Nnamdi is likely in his final contract with the Eagles, so the Eagles will likely look for a corner of the future.
5. Lions: Damontre Moore OLB
6. Browns: Star Lotulelei DT
7. Cardinals: Geno Smith QB
I know that this pick isn't the most popular choice, but Bruce Arians just came from Indianapolis, where they had a rookie signal caller this past year with Luck. My theory is he will look for the Andrew Luck of 2013, because there isn't one, he will settle for Geno Smith.
8. Bills: Ryan Nassib QB
I've heard that Marrone "loves" this kid. I've also heard that the Bills were not impressed with him after the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl doesn't mean much, so my guess is that Nassib will sure things up at the combine.
9. Jets: Dion Jordan DE
10. Titans Chance Warmack OG
Jake Locker has had trouble staying healthy, so that is the reason why the Titans will draft Warmack.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rejection From Bleacher Report

This statement below proves why society will take experience over greatness. In the application I sent, I listed my prior journalism experience and also a 500 word article. I assume judging from this email that they glanced if not even read my 500 word article. I put hours of work into that application, and they put about maybe five minutes into this generic email. So I replied back with this:
I would like to inform you, that this is the worst decision you will ever make.
Below is the generic email I received from Bleacher Report. After reading please comment below with any thoughts you might have.

Thank you very much for your application to the Bleacher Report Writer Program. Unfortunately, our Writer Admissions Board has reviewed your work and decided not to grant you publishing credentials at the current time.

As the Web’s premier platform for fan-friendly sports content, B/R has an obligation both to its readers and to its contributors to rigorously scrutinize all new writer applicants. We take that obligation very seriously, which is why we’re so firmly committed to upholding our admissions standards:
In your particular case, the writing sample you submitted for review failed to satisfy the requirements to which we hold all applicants. Although we’re grateful for the time and energy you invested in your application, we would be remiss if we failed to apply to you the same standards we apply to everyone else.

That said, we hope that you’ll take advantage of the many other opportunities which B/R offers to its users, including the ability to comment on articles and interact with fellow fans. We also strongly encourage you to continue to hone your writing and analytical skills in the month ahead, and we’d gladly review another Writer Application from you after an interval of 90 days.

Please also note that, due to the exceptionally high volume of Writer Program Applications we receive, we aren’t able to answer inquiries from individual candidates. should feel free to raise your questions or concerns in the B/R Community Forum...
...and, in any case, we hope that we’ll be hearing from you again at some down the road.

All the best,

The Bleacher Report Team


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Ryan Nassib Will Go To The Bills

Frank Ordonez The Post-Standard 2012©

Ever since Doug Marrone was hired as the Buffalo Bills' head coach, there has been speculation of him turning the Bills into an "Orange Team". As a Syracuse Orange fan myself, I somewhat agree with the speculation that has been floating around. I believe that at least one member of the past Pinstripe Bowl Championship team will end up in Buffalo. Alec Lemon is a receiver Marrone developed from a slot guy, to the best receiver for Syracuse. Those not familiar with Lemon, should know he is a possession receiver, who runs crisp routes, and has a good set of hands. Lemon will definitely end up will the Bills.
The bigger question is will Ryan Nassib be drafted by Buffalo? The answer to that question is yes. Some NFL scouts say that Nassib is the best quarterback in the draft. Others say he is anywhere from the third to ninth best quarterback in the draft. Nassib is a quarterback who has shown he can read defenses and go through his progressions. He has also shown that his decision making can be flat out awful at times. Nassib has the stature and the arm to make it at the next level. I believe Nassib is the best quarterback in this draft, and that he will be selected by the Bills with either the 8th overall pick or the 41st overall pick. There are many quarterbacks that will be available for the Bills to select, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Tyler Bray, Zac Dysert, Mike Glennon, Landry Jones, and EJ Manuel.
There are three major reasons why Ryan Nassib will go to the Bills.
Reason One: Ryan Fitzpatrick will be gone, he is due $7.25 million next year. There have already been rumors floating around about him leaving. I think a trade could be the most likely thing to occur. I think the Cardinals are going to be the recipient of this trade.
Reason Two: The Bills have hired offensive coordinator Nate Hackett. Nate Hackett was the offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and tightends coach this past year at Syracuse. One year prior, in his first year with the Orange he served as the passing game coach, quarterbacks coach, and tightends coach. He turned Nassib from a 50% completion percentage quarterback, to a back to back solid 62.5% completion percentage. Hackett clearly understands Nassib as a quarterback, and likes him enough to share this insight. "Coach Hackett actually told me this a couple years ago and I kind of put it in the back of my mind. Quarterbacks want to get drafted to a team where there is a quarterbacks coach that can develop them. For a situation like this, who better to develop a quarterback than someone you have been with the last three years," -Ryan Nassib ( Doug Marrone wants an offensive coordinator, who understands his system and the quarterback, the same, if not better than himself.
Reason Three: Doug Marrone "loves" Ryan Nassib. "I'll tell you what, I love him," Marrone said. "He did an outstanding job for our football team. He's really grown the last couple of years. He put an emphasis on the leadership role and really took over the team. ... He's going to be playing in this league," ( Doug Marrone just happens to be Nasssib's number one fan. 
There is no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III this year, a.k.a. franchise quarterbacks, who have "can't miss" talent. With that said, there is a bigger risk for Doug Marrone to go with any other quarterback in this year's draft. He knows Ryan Nassib's strengths and weaknesses, not like some of the other quarterbacks in the draft. That it why Buffalo fans will be wearing Syracuse jerseys next year.  
Ryan Nassib will likely rise up like all quarterbacks do in this modern day, and be selected eighth overall by the Buffalo Bills in this year's draft.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

NFL Playoff Prediction

I did this on a matchup basis. The teams I picked to win were, the better suited teams in the matchups. Here is my 2013 Playoff Prediction:
Wild Card: Bengals over Texans, Ravens over Colts, Redskins over Seahawks, Packers over Vikings
Divisional: Broncos over Bengals, Patriots over Ravens, Falcons over Redskins, 49ers over Packers
Conference Championship: Patriots over Broncos, Falcons over 49ers
Super Bowl