Monday, July 30, 2012

New York Giants' Wide Receivers

 Anthony Mongelluzzo © 
Victor Cruz shattered Giants records and was near the top on the NFL leader board in yards. He had fans chanting his name and putting emphasis on the R. I personally like to pronounce it by rolling the R (Crrruz). I'm getting off topic now. 
Victor Cruz will either play the number one receiver, the number two receiver, or the slot receiver. If Hakeem Nicks can play on opening day then Victor Cruz will most likely see action at the number two receiver and slot. Where Cruz plays is very dependent on how the other receivers do and where the other receivers are in the depth chart. 
Right now it seems like Domenik Hixon will be the slot or number two receiver, but it will not surprise me if Rueben Randle eventually beats him out for that spot. I've heard he is a lot like Hakeem Nicks physically, but is a better route runner. Hixon is returning from a torn ACL. Ramses Barden, a six foot six receiver who has struggled in every game of his career, except this year against the Patriots in the regular season, will also compete for the third string spot, and will also battle for a roster spot. Jerrel Jernigan a third round pick from last year's draft has looked good and will also compete for that craved number three spot. 
Lets talk about the final receivers. 
Isaiah Stanback has looked good at practice and was on the Giants practice squad this past year. has said they think he is a dark horse to make the roster. Dan DePalma and David Douglas looked similar in practice, they both had o.k. hands, they are unlikely to make the roster, unless pulling off a Victor Cruz in the preseason. David Douglas did not appear good at all in practice, at least catching wise, it was wet out when I saw him, so that could of been a factor. Julian Talley looked about the same if not a little worse than Douglas and DePalma. Talley was constantly hanging out with Cruz during practice.
If you only remember when thing about the Giants receivers, remember that they have two or three good to great receivers, and they have a bunch of o.k. guys on the back end of the roster.  
Mongelluzzo, Anthony . "New York Giants' Receivers." 2012. Raw image file.

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Thank you all for one upping me. Better Than The Experts is officially on google. Thank you to all the fans. I am still determined to get the viewership up. You all are getting me to the path, all bloggers desire. Thank you again.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New York Giants Training Camp

Today I will write about what I saw when I went to Giants Training Camp. I mostly studied the offense today. The Giants practice was moved to the lacrosse field because of the rain.
Quarterbacks: Eli Manning looked great today. He threw a pretty good long ball, but his short passing was inconsistent. He is still trying to build chemistry with Victor Cruz, he placed a five yard out route ball on the inside shoulder when they were supposed to fit it in on the sideline. Eli also practiced his goal line fade ball that worked oh so well last year. David Carr looked ok, but he did look like backup. Ryan Perrilloux showed off his arm in practice, but did struggle in simple drills such as footwork and fade routes. He has a lot of talent, but the fundamentals are not there.
Running backs: Da'Rel Scott did not practice. Ahmad Bradshaw looked fast, and healthy. He looked like he can handle ten to fifteen carries a game. David Wilson looked fast, quick, and agile. After practice he showed off his athleticism with a standing back flip. D.J. (don't call me Danny) Ware looked the same as previous years. Andre Brown looked faster than usual, I would say stronger, but they aren't in lower pads yet.
Fullbacks: Henry Hynoski looked good again. Joe Martinek looked fast one moment, but like a fullback the next. He will have to step it up in order to make the roster or even an impression.
Wide Receivers: Victor Cruz looked great today, making a one-handed sideline catch. His route running could be the best in the league. Hakeem Nicks was out with his foot injury. Rueben Randle had the third best hands of the day, but his route running was second, only to Cruz's. Isaiah Stanback had great hands and great speed. Dan DePalma, Ramses Barden, Jerel Jernigan, and David Douglas' hands also stood out among the rest. Juilan Talley and Brandon Collins struggled in the five yard out routes.
Tight ends: Bear Pascoe took first team snaps, and Travis Beckum sat out. Martellus Bennett the 280 lb tightened looked slow and sluggish. None of the other tight ends stood out.
*Note Adrian Tracy looked mad when he got cracked on a helmets and shoulder pads play.
*Note Mark Herzlich made a nice toe-tap interception that was tipped.

New York Giants' Fullbacks

Source: Chris Trotman Getty Images© 

Henry Hynoski is going to be the starter, without injury. He hurdles, he catches, and he blocks. He looked pretty good last year even without a long off season. His catching will hopefully improve, because of the Giants lack of experienced tight ends. The only other fullback on the roster is rookie hybrid Joe Martinek. He is fast for a fullback. He likely will not make the roster because of the depth at running back and fullback. The Giants will likely stash him on the practice squad if there is an injury. Also Bear Pascoe who is seeing first team snaps can also play fullback at a high level. So Martinek will likely not see a roster spot, barring any injuries.
I went to Giants training camp today, so I will try to put something up about that today, and I will try to get wide receivers up before Wednesday.
Trotman, Chris. Henry Hynoski. N.d. Henry Hynoski Photos, Indianapolis.Zimbo. Web. 28 July 2012.

New York Giants' Running backs

Ahmad Bradshaw of course is going to be the starter and main guy. I've heard that Coughlin wants to run a two back system, but D.J. Ware hasn't shown that he can replace Brandon Jacobs. Whenever Jacobs was out, D.J. would take his spot in the rotation and would struggle. I know the offensive line wasn't great last year, but averaging 3.5 yards per carry off of 46 carries isn't great, for a change of pace player. D.J. can get the Giants two points though. He got 2 two point conversions during the regular season.
Bradshaw is slowing down, but is still running hard, he played 2011 with two hurt angles. He will most likely get the majority of the carries.
First round pick David Wilson looks like a young, faster Ahmad Bradshaw. The reason he might not see many carries early is because he is not good in pass protection. Ahmad Bradshaw who is the best small pass protector in the league, can hopefully teach him how to be a better pass protector, so he can get on the field. The faster David Wilson gets on the field the better for the Giants.
Da'Rel Scott who is a speed demon will likely battle for a roster spot with Andre Brown who has looked better each year he comes to the Giants. Da'Rel is not very quick and did not get on the field that much last year as a rookie. Andre Brown looks bigger and stronger than last year. The last running back roster spot for the Giants will be a battle. Who ever doesn't make the roster will likely be signed to the practice squad or another roster.
I will do fullbacks later today.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New York Giants' Quarterbacks

Of course there is Eli Manning. He is coming off a career season and a franchise season. He shattered the Giants' passing record for yards in a season, he set. He is also coming off his second Super Bowl MVP. He is in one the most select groups in NFL history, having multiple Super Bowl MVP awards. He is of course going to be the starter and David Carr will be the backup, barring any injuries. David Carr is in his second stint with the Giants, last season he did not appear in any games with the Giants, but him and Eli have similar styles of play, so there is the reason for keeping him.
Now there is only one quarterback left on the active roster, Ryan Perrilloux. He is a second year player with a strong arm. He is likely to get cut and will most likely get signed to the practice squad unless another NFL signs him. Tomorrow is running backs.

New York Giants Projected Roster

I will try each day to get a new position up and state what the chances are, in about two weeks, I will have the projected roster up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

This is a mock draft I did on ESPN, my team name is the World Champions. I will describe the thinking that I do round by round. *Note this a snake draft.
Round: 1
(1) Team Smith - Aaron Rodgers QB 
(2) Team Oukrop - Arian Foster RB 
(3) Team payne - Ray Rice RB 
(4) Team Colangelo - LeSean McCoy RB 
(5) Team miller - Ryan Mathews RB 
(6) Team verm - Maurice Jones-Drew RB 
** (7) World  Champions - Tom Brady QB 
(8) Team Koontz - Calvin Johnson WR 
(9) Big Daddy K - Larry Fitzgerald WR 
(10) Team Witsoe - Drew Brees QB 
When I got the 7th pick I was excited because I usually get an early pick and I really needed to practice my late round picking. When I got this pick I looked at my list, and saw there was a possibilty that I would not be able to draft one of the top three quarterbacks or running backs. I decided I was going to pick either Larry Fitzgerald or Cam Newton. Then when the two teams in front of me drafted Maurice Jones-Drew and Ryan Matthews early (which was a bad decision), I decided to draft either Tom Brady or Drew Brees. I decided since Brady has his head coach I'll take him.
Round: 2
(11) Team Witsoe - Chris Johnson RB 
(12) Big Daddy K - Wes Welker WR 
(13) Team Koontz - Matt Forte RB 
** (14) World  Champions - A.J. Green WR 
(15) Team verm - DeMarco Murray RB 
(16) Team miller - Darren McFadden RB 
(17) Team Colangelo - Matthew Stafford QB 
(18) Team payne - Roddy White WR 
(19) Team Oukrop - Rob Gronkowski TE 
(20) Team Smith - Andre Johnson WR 
Here I immediately asked myself if I wanted to draft Marshawn Lynch, or A.J. Green. i decided that A.J. Green is worth drafting over everyone else on the board (If this was an actual league I would of drafted Matthew Stafford and try to trade him away). A.J. Green had a good rookie season, and has the physical tools and production to be a top five receiver in the NFL. Round: 3
(21) Team Smith - Adrian Peterson RB 
(22) Team Oukrop - Greg Jennings WR 
(23) Team payne - Mike Wallace WR 
(24) Team Colangelo - Jimmy Graham TE 
(25) Team miller - Hakeem Nicks WR 
(26) Team verm - Julio Jones WR 
** (27) World  Champions - Marshawn Lynch RB 
(28) Team Koontz - Michael Turner RB 
(29) Big Daddy K - Jamaal Charles RB 
(30) Team Witsoe - Fred Jackson RB 
Let's just say I was on the edge of my seat in the picks before mine. Getting Marshawn Lynch in the third round, when most people are drafting backup receivers is a major steal. I heard today about his arrest, but I will still take him, because of again, trade value. Round: 4
(31) Team Witsoe - Brandon Marshall WR 
(32) Big Daddy K - Steven Jackson RB 
(33) Team Koontz - Frank Gore RB 
** (34) World  Champions - Trent Richardson RB 
(35) Team verm - Cam Newton QB 
(36) Team miller - Dez Bryant WR 
(37) Team Colangelo - Jordy Nelson WR 
(38) Team payne - Darren Sproles RB 
(39) Team Oukrop - Eli Manning QB 
(40) Team Smith - Victor Cruz WR 
I drafted Trent Richardson, here because, I needed another workhorse running back, because I know about the receivers who are sleepers. As you see Cam Newton also got drafted in this round. I've seen Cam Newton get drafted in the mid first round and as you see here mid fourth round. My philosophy is first look at the picks that fall, and then judge them based on the players you like. Round: 5
(41) Team Smith - Steve Smith WR 
(42) Team Oukrop - Roy Helu RB 
(43) Team payne - Michael Vick QB 
(44) Team Colangelo - Ahmad Bradshaw RB 
(45) Team miller - Brandon Lloyd WR 
(46) Team verm - Marques Colston WR 
** (47) World  Champions - Miles Austin WR 
(48) Team Koontz - Tony Romo QB 
(49) Big Daddy K - Reggie Bush RB 
(50) Team Witsoe - Willis McGahee RB 
Here I selected Miles Austin. Last year he looked great early in the season, especially against the 49ers. He's shown he can be a top five receiver, but he also has shown he could be a fantasy bust. Before picking Austin I wanted to pick Marques Colston, with Meachem gone and Henderson moving up, it's basically the same thing happening in New Orleans. Without the Coach.Round: 6
(51) Team Witsoe - Vincent Jackson WR 
(52) Big Daddy K - Philip Rivers QB 
(53) Team Koontz - Dwayne Bowe WR 
** (54) World  Champions - Vernon Davis TE 
(55) Team verm - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB 
(56) Team miller - Antonio Gates TE 
(57) Team Colangelo - Jonathan Stewart RB 
(58) Team payne - Percy Harvin WR 
(59) Team Oukrop - Shonn Greene RB 
(60) Team Smith - Beanie Wells RB 
Here I decided to go after Vernon Davis, with the acquisitions of many new receivers, it will be harder to be double teamed. He could also see less targets, with the acquisitions. Round: 7
(61) Team Smith - Peyton Manning QB 
(62) Team Oukrop - Steve Johnson WR 
(63) Team payne - Jason Witten TE 
(64) Team Colangelo - Jeremy Maclin WR 
(65) Team miller - Doug Martin RB 
(66) Team verm - Demaryius Thomas WR 
** (67) World  Champions - Eric Decker WR 
(68) Team Koontz - Antonio Brown WR 
(69) Big Daddy K - DeSean Jackson WR 
(70) Team Witsoe - Jermichael Finley TE 
I targeted Eric Decker hard here, because he produced more touchdowns, yards, and catches with Tebow, than Demaryius Thomas. He looks a lot like Brandon Stokley, Austin Collie, Anthony Gonzalez, and Blair White. Also I heard he's working out with Peyton Manning.Round: 8
(71) Team Witsoe - Torrey Smith WR 
(72) Big Daddy K - Aaron Hernandez TE 
(73) Team Koontz - Tony Gonzalez TE 
** (74) World  Champions - Isaac Redman RB 
(75) Team verm - Ben Tate RB 
(76) Team miller - Matt Ryan QB 
(77) Team Colangelo - DeAngelo Williams RB 
(78) Team payne - Jahvid Best RB 
(79) Team Oukrop - Kenny Britt WR 
(80) Team Smith - Stevan Ridley RB 
At first I wanted Torrey Smith, but then he was picked three picks before me. Torrey Smith, will see less over the top double teams, and will work more on the inside, with the acquisition of Jacoby Jones. Issac Redman was my second choice because, one he's a starter as of now, and Tom Haley is the offensive coordinator and he ran the ball a lot in Kansas City. Rashard Mendenhall is projected to return in November or even December. I'm sure another Arian Foster, DeMarco Murray, Miles Austin, Victor Cruz, or Brandon Lloyd will happen again, so I can always work the waiver wire system. Make sure you jump on exploding players early rather than later.  Round: 9
(81) Team Smith - Michael Bush RB 
(82) Team Oukrop - Ben Roethlisberger QB 
(83) Team payne - Pierre Garcon WR 
(84) Team Colangelo - Robert Meachem WR 
(85) Team miller - James Starks RB 
(86) Team verm - Mark Ingram RB 
** (87) World  Champions - Malcom Floyd WR 
(88) Team Koontz - C.J. Spiller RB 
(89) Big Daddy K - Matt Schaub QB 
(90) Team Witsoe - Donald Brown RB 
Here I selected Malcom Floyd, this is probably the second latest you will select a number one receiver (Brian Quick, Rams). He had 856 yards, 43 receptions, 19.9 yards per catch, and 5 touchdowns. That's with Vincent Jackson in and out of the lineup. I could of gone with Donald Brown, because he is the lowest starter in the entire draft, that means he'll get more carries then C.J. Spiller who was drafted in front of him. You could go with either.Round: 10
(91) Team Witsoe - Denarius Moore WR 
(92) Big Daddy K - Peyton Hillis RB 
(93) Team Koontz - Sidney Rice WR 
** (94) World  Champions - Jay Cutler QB 
(95) Team verm - Santonio Holmes WR 
(96) Team miller - Reggie Wayne WR 
(97) Team Colangelo - Toby Gerhart RB 
(98) Team payne - Lance Moore WR 
(99) Team Oukrop - David Wilson RB 
(100) Team Smith - Fred Davis TE 
Here I selected a backup in Jay Cutler. I was hoping for Donald Brown, but since he was drafted four spots before, I rather get a good backup then reach for a player. Jay Cutler is a sleeper this year, since the Bears got Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, he has a lot more weapons. As you have seen in my last post Jay Cutler is going to be a top ten quarterback. 
Round: 11
(101) Team Smith - 49ers D/ST D/ST 
(102) Team Oukrop - Bears D/ST D/ST 
(103) Team payne - Anquan Boldin WR 
(104) Team Colangelo - Michael Crabtree WR 
(105) Team miller - Shane Vereen RB 
(106) Team verm - Texans D/ST D/ST 
** (107) World  Champions - Brandon Pettigrew TE 
(108) Team Koontz - LeGarrette Blount RB 
(109) Big Daddy K - Randy Moss WR 
(110) Team Witsoe - Robert Griffin III QB 
I got my backup tight end here in Brandon Pettrigrew, he had 83 receptions, 777 yards, 9.4 yards per catch, and 5 touchdowns. He slightly upped all his statistics from the year before expect yards per catch. He is bound for a breakout considering The Madden Curse with Calvin Johnson, Titus Young also bound for improvement, and the rookie Ryan Broyles who in nine games last season with Oklahoma had 83 receptions, 1157 yards, 13.9 yards per catch, and 10 touchdowns. Now you're asking why not select Young or Broyles? Well Young got in trouble with the law, and Broyles is coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
Round: 12
(111) Team Witsoe - Felix Jones RB 
(112) Big Daddy K - Eagles D/ST D/ST 
(113) Team Koontz - Ravens D/ST D/ST 
** (114) World  Champions - Rueben Randle WR 
(115) Team verm - Josh Freeman QB 
(116) Team miller - Carson Palmer QB 
(117) Team Colangelo - Darrius Heyward-Bey WR 
(118) Team payne - Alex Smith QB 
(119) Team Oukrop - Andy Dalton QB 
(120) Team Smith - Daniel Thomas RB 
I selected Rueben Randle here and I'm not 100% sure of my self still. Titus Young, Jared Cook, and Jacob Tamme are available. My reasoning behind this, was that Rueben Randle will get Mario Manningham's snaps right away, and he will probably play the outside with Cruz in the slot, so Randle won't have to beat as good corners as Titus Young or Justin Blackmon.Round: 13
(121) Team Smith - Titus Young WR 
(122) Team Oukrop - Justin Blackmon WR 
(123) Team payne - Bernard Scott RB 
(124) Team Colangelo - Laurent Robinson WR 
(125) Team miller - Jacob Tamme TE 
(126) Team verm - Jared Cook TE 
** (127) World  Champions - Michael Floyd WR 
(128) Team Koontz - Joe Flacco QB 
(129) Big Daddy K - David Akers K 
(130) Team Witsoe - Pierre Thomas RB 
I picked Michael Floyd here because he has a higher upside than Mike Williams, and didn't get pushed out of his position like Nate Washington. Floyd will have Fitzgerald teaching him, so I'm not that worried.Round: 14
(131) Team Witsoe - Mike Williams WR 
(132) Big Daddy K - Dustin Keller TE 
(133) Team Koontz - Coby Fleener TE 
** (134) World  Champions - Jacquizz Rodgers RB 
(135) Team verm - Nate Washington WR 
(136) Team miller - Mike Tolbert RB 
(137) Team Colangelo - Mario Manningham WR 
(138) Team payne - Seahawks D/ST D/ST 
(139) Team Oukrop - Sam Bradford QB 
(140) Team Smith - Stephen Gostkowski K 
I went with Jacquizz Rodgers here because Michael Turner will get less and less carries as the years go by, so let's see if he can be Darren Sproles. Darren Sproles is the only player comparable, but I've also heard he's not fast, PERIOD.Round: 15
(141) Team Smith - Nate Burleson WR 
(142) Team Oukrop - Owen Daniels TE 
(143) Team payne - Mason Crosby K 
(144) Team Colangelo - Steelers D/ST D/ST 
(145) Team miller - Jets D/ST D/ST 
(146) Team verm - Matt Flynn QB 
** (147) World  Champions - Robbie Gould K 
(148) Team Koontz - Jonathan Dwyer RB 
(149) Big Daddy K - Brandon LaFell WR 
(150) Team Witsoe - Falcons D/ST D/ST 
I got Robbie Gould because, 1. I needed a kicker, 2. He missed four field goals out of thirty-two and made six out of six fifty yard field goals. Round: 16
(151) Team Witsoe - Sebastian Janikowski K 
(152) Big Daddy K - Mike Goodson RB 
(153) Team Koontz - Garrett Hartley K 
** (154) World  Champions - Giants D/ST D/ST 
(155) Team verm - Dan Bailey K 
(156) Team miller - Alex Henery K 
(157) Team Colangelo - Matt Prater K 
(158) Team payne - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 
(159) Team Oukrop - Rob Bironas K 
(160) Team Smith - Andrew Luck QB
I picked the Giants defense here because Osi will be back, with a contract. Also he had seven sacks in seven games last year and more pass rushers mean fresh legs. Also they get Terrell Thomas, and if Prince plays like he did in college, Terrell will be the nickel corner, with two good to great safeties behind them. Also Webster will be putting opposing receivers in his web. The Giants also have Keith Rivers coming off the bench, so lets see how long it takes for him to outwork Chase Blackburn, or Mathias Kiwanuka. Which seems unlikely, at least for now.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Good (News) Bears

Chicago Bears- I watched the Chargers at Bears game last year and I saw Jay Cutler playing out of his mind. He was 18/31 with 286 yards, 2 touchdowns, with 1 interception ( He chased down his interception, he threw a perfect strike to Johnny Knox for a touchdown. He threw Johnny open in between two defensive backs. Another touchdown was to Kellen Davis where he progressed through the play and pulled the trigger to Kellen. The interception was on a slant to Johnny Knox, where Knox slipped. An outside slant is usually a timing route, so both the quarterback and the wide receiver need to be on the same page. For people who haven't seen a timing route before, look at the film for the Seattle Seahawks at the New York Football Giants. Victor Cruz ran a slant at the end of the game, but tripped like Knox and left the quarterback out to dry. Knox like Cruz at the time was a young unproven receiver, so reliability is often low. Now with the acquisitions of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, Knox will play the slot once he returns from his spinal injury, which is to be determined as of now. Earl Bennett will be a nice substitute for now. Most of Jay Cutler's receivers from years before are number twos and numbers threes, ideally, Bennett a two and Knox a three. So Jay Cutler will likely have a full arsenal by at least 2013 and will likely have one in 2012 that was better than his in 2011. Also he will have Matt Forte back, I don't know what that means, since he has only produced big in his rookie season and a contract year. He looked great last year, until his injury. But now the Bears have a solid backup in Michael Bush, who was the starter last season for the Raiders when Darren McFadden, was injured. So he knows how to produce when someone is injured, or "holding out". Matt Forte has yet to say the word "hold out".
Now to the defense.
The defense ranked 14th in points allowed, 17th in total yards allowed, 28th in passing yards allowed, and 5th in rushing yards allowed ( The Bears defense was anchored by Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs who both passed over the 100 tackle mark ( Julius Peppers an aging defensive end topped the 10 sack mark for the 7th time in his career ( Charles Tillman added in his 99 tackles in 2012 ( I have always said a corner back who gets a lot of tackles is probably not the best cover guy, but Charles Tillman did make it to the Pro Bowl this season, so I guess it's ok. Actually I think many corners in this league are misjudged because of statistics. In order to judge a corner you have to watch every piece of film for him in a season. This will show you what he does against the most talented quarterbacks and wide receivers in the NFL. With that said I did see some of Charles' games from this past year and he did appear to struggle heavily when matched up on a top receiver, so in that regard, I think the Bears have major problems with their secondary. But they did draft a pass rusher in the draft in Shea McClellin, so they could rush to help their secondary. The 2007 Giants, did that and it seemed to work I think for the most part, because they kind of won the Super Bowl, so it is possible to make a run with a weak secondary.
The special teams I can sum up in about a sentence.
Devin Hester + 40.4 net yards ( from Adam Podlesh + 4 field goals missed ( from Robbie Gould = Best Special Teams in the NFL
I did say about a sentence.
I think the Chicago Bears can wreak some havoc in the NFC North this season, even if they don't make the playoffs. With an improved secondary the Bears are Super Bowl contenders.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sleeper Teams for 2012

Here are some of my top Sleeper teams for 2012- Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals 
I know that is a lot of teams, but it's a preseason prediction, not even it's a post season prediction.