Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tebow Time


The Jets have acquired Tim Tebow and a 7th round pick for a 4th and a 6th round pick from the Broncos. Soon after this, newly acquired Jets backup QB Drew Stanton asked for his release. They then sent him to the Colts along with a 7th round pick for the Colts' 2012 6th round pick. Tebow was traded soon after the Broncos acquired a future Hall of Famer, now known as the other Manning. Peyton Manning was traded because "the greatest QB prospect" since John Elway, Andrew Luck, is eligible for this year's draft.
Now back to the bigger story.
The Jets acquired Tim Tebow and more importantly most of his fans. In doing so they created the biggest quarterback controversy since Joe Montana and Steve Young. Last year, before the regular season started there was a controversy in Denver with Kyle Orton. In Week 1 the Broncos' fans were chanting to put Tebow in, now you bring that entire situation to New York, you add in their coach, the big mouth, Rex Ryan then you add in the Jets' emotional starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, it kinda just sounds like a bad idea. I'm not saying Sanchez doesn't deserve to be emotional , because Rex Ryan is documenting everything he thinks to the media, like against the Patriots he said that "It's a stupid play," when talking about Mark Sanchez calling a timeout during the two minute drill. Ryan said that Tebow will get 20 snaps during some games, and he will be put in on third down. First you are going to take about a third of the starting quarterback's snaps out of his hands. Then you are going to take him out on third down, a.k.a. the money down. That is like taking a starting pitcher out in the 3rd inning. You can't do that. Tebow brings a controversy with him (his fan base who want to see him playing all the time). Sanchez has one of the worst coaches (Rex Ryan) for a quarterback. Tebow currently has the second best coach for the wild-cat, Rex Ryan (1st is John Fox, he doesn't like the wild-cat, but he runs it well).
Sanchez will always be the best quarterback on the roster. The Jets should develop one strategy and stick with it, and get rid of the other quarterback. It doesn't matter which quarterback they get rid of, because they will always win. With a better quarterbacks coach, Sanchez can be a Super Bowl winning quarterback.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Saints' Bounties

What Greg Williams did was a 100% wrong. As my boy Eli said it has no place in football. That's like paying a a pitcher in baseball to throw a pitch at a batter's head. It has no place in the game. Ending players careers for money. Getting paid not to tacks or sack but to knock one out of the game. I know most players try to do that already, but now they start to hit late, hit the qb on running plays, and hit helmet to helmet. It's not that they aren't hitting legal, it's that it will lead to concussions and late hard fouls. Some hits are ok but hitting the qb on running plays, REALLY? Hitting under the knees late, REALLY? Late fouls helmet to helmet hits is really what matters. Pay to KNOCK OUT is not right, ending careers for a few thousand is selfish and you will literary pay for it in fines.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So Brees wants a bog contract, so that means colston and meachem are probably going to be gone. Great idea Brees! A bunch of the Giants took pay cuts so Jacobs and Bradshaw could stay. Selfishness = No Championships