Friday, August 3, 2012

New York Giants' Offensive Line

 Anthony Mongelluzzo©
I decided to put the entire offensive line together because the Giants love versatility on the offensive line. Right now the offensive line right tackle to left tackle is Diehl, Snee, Baas, Boothe, Beatty. The backup right tackle to left tackle is Brewer, Petrus, Cordle, Capers, and Locklear. The final group is Reinders, Goodin, White, Mosely, and McCants. 
Diehl, started last year as the Giants starting left guard, but moved to left tackle after Beatty was put on injured reserve. Diehl has been good, but is definitely on the back end of his career. Snee is starting to decline, but is one of the more consistent lineman on the Giants. David Baas struggled early last year, then was injured, but looked good, like all the Giants on their final stretch of games. Boothe was a coach's player last year playing the left guard and center position. He had a stellar year last year. Will Beatty has struggled his entire career and will likely be the starting tackle until someone else dethrones him, which does not seem likely, at least for now. 
Brewer is a guy the Giants expect and want to compete for one of the tackle positions. He has yet to be on the field in a regular season game. Mitch Petrus started 3 games last year for the Giants, and appeared in all of the playoff games. He has improved and eventually will battle for the Giants starting guard position in future years. Jim Cordle played in nine games last year with the Giants, but is not likely to make the roster because of Kevin Boothe's versatility on the offensive line. Selvish Capers who has a lot of potential will have a shot at making the Giants roster, but must compete with the rookies they drafted. Sean Locklear is a guy who might compete for the starting position with the Giants, but will likely just be a backup, when it comes down to it. 
Joel Reinders, Stephen Goodin, and Chris White are all unlikely to make the roster because of the Giants versatility. Brandon Mosely is a fourth round pick of the Giants and is going to make the roster, he is a developmental player. Matt McCants is likely to make the practice squad because of the Giants' depth at tackle. If he surprises everyone in the preseason, I'm sure the Giants will keep him, but a practice squad spot seems likely now. 
Next is defensive line.  
Mongelluzzo, Anthony. "Giants Offensive Line." 2012. Raw image file.

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