Thursday, August 9, 2012

New York Giants' Defensive Lineman Part 2

 Anthony Mongelluzzo©
I decided to add a Part 3 to the Giants Defensive line saga. I realized that trying to fit 9 players into one section was a bad idea, I rather get more details in about each player. 
Adrian Tracy is a guy the Giants converted to a linebacker, but is listed at defensive end on the Giants' depth chart. The Giants have kept him around for two years, and this will probably be his last year with the team if he does not make the roster. He is not a great pass rusher, but is good against the run, which is something the Giants want to improve this season. He will have to really battle it out in the preseason in order to make the roster because of Justin Trattou. 
Justin Trattou played in six games last year with the Giants as an undrafted free agent, right now he's out with what seems like a sprained ankle. He says he has trouble walking on it, but he will likely be back within the next two weeks. He showed good depth last year, but did not shine in any one way. He is a decent pass rusher and a decent run stopper. He is likely to make the roster, and be a backup defensive end.  
Shaun Rogers' best season came in 2007 with the Detroit Lions, when he had 7.0 sacks and one interception. He has appeared lazy and without a good work ethic, he was added to provide depth on the inside on the Giants' defensive line. With the signing of Rocky Bernard he is unlikely to make the roster, unless he has a Victor Cruz preseason. 
Craig Marshall is a defensive end from the University of South Florida, he totaled 9.0 sacks in his career. He is a former teammate of Jason Pierre-Paul, I will go as far to say he reminds me of Justin Tuck. He can make the roster if he outperforms Adrian Tracy, and Justin Trattou,  which is not surprising if he does. He has a high motor and he could crack the rotation on the defensive line later in the season, if he makes the roster. 
Martin Parker a defensive tackle, was on the Giants practice squad last year. He is unlikely to make the roster because of the return of both Rocky Bernard and Marvin Austin, he could make the roster or practice squad, with a Victor Cruz preseason. He had 3.0 career sacks in college. 
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  1. Where did you get your information regarding Adrian Tracy as a pass rusher? Word on the street is that he had good showings at the OTAs and training camp.

    1. Why do you think the Giants converted him to a linebacker, because he was not good enough to be put in the rotation. And if your saying he looks good in OTAs and training camp, haven't you realized everyone looks good in shorts.