Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Draft Analyze Pick 5

The Jaguars trade up to select Justin Blackmon only trading their 1st round pick (#7) and a fourth rounder. The Browns gave away more to trade up one spot. I know they traded up to select the GREAT Trent Richardson. The Jaguars filled a major need in wide receiver. What don't they have a major need in. I also like this pick because of what they did in the second round. They drafted Andre Branch, defensive end who hopefully won't end up like Tyson Alualu, six career sacks.
Now back to Blackmon. Mike Thomas and Marcedes Lewis will nicely complement him. Maurice Jones-Drew will also allow him to get one on one opportunities. Knowing that Jones-Drew will get 6-8 defenders in the box. I think Blaine Gabbert will show everyone what a great quarterback he is.
To summarize the Jaguars selecting Blackmon. It was a great pick and the Jaguars will challenge the Texans if not this year (because of their cornerback situation), but definitely next year.

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