Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dolphins Select Ryan Tannehill No. 8 overall

This team will not, I repeat will not win more than 5 games this year. They traded their best receiver Brandon Marshall for absolutely nothing (two 3rd round picks). Most people will say that if Jay Cutler is getting a 100 catch receiver, it should be at least a second rounder. We all know that Brandon Marshall was not great in Miami, at least not what he was like in Denver.
Another argument Miami wasn't good last year is, that they allowed a 99 yard passing touchdown last year. The two teams that allowed a 99 yard passing touchdown, Jets and Dolphins missed the playoffs. The two teams that passed for a 99 yard touchdown, Giants and Patriots played in the Super Bowl. I know it's a dumb argument, but a dumb argument is only used for a dumb decision. Another thing is Miami has no play-makers, my apologizes Reggie Bush. All rookie quarterbacks need a play-maker in their rookie year, or first year starting, I had to include the second part for Aaron Rodgers. Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison, Matt Ryan had Roddy White, Eli had Plaxico, Cam Newton had Steve Smith, Matt Stafford had Calvin Johnson, Tony Romo had T.O. and Jason Witten, Steve Young had Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers had Greg Jennings, the list goes on and on. 17, that's years of experience the Dolphins receivers have. They have twelve receivers on the roster. They do have quality tight ends and running backs. Dan Thomas did have some injury problems so his production seemed lackluster. Reggie Bush proved he was chosen second overall but the Saints. He rushed for over a thousand yards and averaged 5.0 yards per carry. If they can trade for a receiver or draft one in the next year or so, Ryan Tannehill can develop into a great quarterback. They do have some time before Tannehill does start, so if they trade or pick up a receiver in a few years it won't be as bad as drafting a receiver. If they want to draft one next year, it could take a few years to develop a receiver to help develop Tannehill. Another reason they shouldn't of drafted Tannehill is because if they got Matt Flynn or another quarterback then they could of gotten a defensiveback or a pass-rusher to help with their below horrible defense. Next time before you think about signing Peyton Manning either go ALL IN like the Giants or ALL OUT like the Redskins. Redskins have RG3 and many receivers from free agency. Dolphins have Tannehill and Reggie Bush. Who got the better deal?

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