Monday, May 14, 2012

Browns select Brandon Weeden

I would love the pick if I didn't like Colt McCoy. I heard from Adam Schefter and Merril Hoge today that many coaches feel the same way. The door never even opened for Colt McCoy, it was shut the entire time. The Browns never gave Colt a chance, they did not give him any offensive play-makers, unless Peyton Hillis counts. Brandon Weeden is 28 going on 29, what does that tell me? He needs to start right away and get weapons right away. He needs receivers, or what happened to Colt will happen to Brandon. Trent Richardson is already projected to go in the 3rd round in fantasy drafts. I know its fantasy, but I've never seen a running back as great as him coming out of the draft. Brandon Weeden - Accuracy? The best in the draft Arm strength? He throws a 98 mile an hour fast ball. Footwork? Question mark because he almost always took shotgun snaps. Personally which ever quarterback they go with, the Browns will succeed. In order for them to succeed they need to go all in on quarterback.

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