Monday, July 30, 2012

New York Giants' Wide Receivers

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Victor Cruz shattered Giants records and was near the top on the NFL leader board in yards. He had fans chanting his name and putting emphasis on the R. I personally like to pronounce it by rolling the R (Crrruz). I'm getting off topic now. 
Victor Cruz will either play the number one receiver, the number two receiver, or the slot receiver. If Hakeem Nicks can play on opening day then Victor Cruz will most likely see action at the number two receiver and slot. Where Cruz plays is very dependent on how the other receivers do and where the other receivers are in the depth chart. 
Right now it seems like Domenik Hixon will be the slot or number two receiver, but it will not surprise me if Rueben Randle eventually beats him out for that spot. I've heard he is a lot like Hakeem Nicks physically, but is a better route runner. Hixon is returning from a torn ACL. Ramses Barden, a six foot six receiver who has struggled in every game of his career, except this year against the Patriots in the regular season, will also compete for the third string spot, and will also battle for a roster spot. Jerrel Jernigan a third round pick from last year's draft has looked good and will also compete for that craved number three spot. 
Lets talk about the final receivers. 
Isaiah Stanback has looked good at practice and was on the Giants practice squad this past year. has said they think he is a dark horse to make the roster. Dan DePalma and David Douglas looked similar in practice, they both had o.k. hands, they are unlikely to make the roster, unless pulling off a Victor Cruz in the preseason. David Douglas did not appear good at all in practice, at least catching wise, it was wet out when I saw him, so that could of been a factor. Julian Talley looked about the same if not a little worse than Douglas and DePalma. Talley was constantly hanging out with Cruz during practice.
If you only remember when thing about the Giants receivers, remember that they have two or three good to great receivers, and they have a bunch of o.k. guys on the back end of the roster.  
Mongelluzzo, Anthony . "New York Giants' Receivers." 2012. Raw image file.

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