Saturday, July 28, 2012

New York Giants' Running backs

Ahmad Bradshaw of course is going to be the starter and main guy. I've heard that Coughlin wants to run a two back system, but D.J. Ware hasn't shown that he can replace Brandon Jacobs. Whenever Jacobs was out, D.J. would take his spot in the rotation and would struggle. I know the offensive line wasn't great last year, but averaging 3.5 yards per carry off of 46 carries isn't great, for a change of pace player. D.J. can get the Giants two points though. He got 2 two point conversions during the regular season.
Bradshaw is slowing down, but is still running hard, he played 2011 with two hurt angles. He will most likely get the majority of the carries.
First round pick David Wilson looks like a young, faster Ahmad Bradshaw. The reason he might not see many carries early is because he is not good in pass protection. Ahmad Bradshaw who is the best small pass protector in the league, can hopefully teach him how to be a better pass protector, so he can get on the field. The faster David Wilson gets on the field the better for the Giants.
Da'Rel Scott who is a speed demon will likely battle for a roster spot with Andre Brown who has looked better each year he comes to the Giants. Da'Rel is not very quick and did not get on the field that much last year as a rookie. Andre Brown looks bigger and stronger than last year. The last running back roster spot for the Giants will be a battle. Who ever doesn't make the roster will likely be signed to the practice squad or another roster.
I will do fullbacks later today.

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