Saturday, December 24, 2011


This year the guys in my family picked games. My uncle, my Grandfather, my father, my brother , and I. So obviously since I know the most about football, I should win, right? No sir, my grandfather is winning. He has 148 games right out of 224 (through week 15). My brother is in second with 141, next my father with 140, then me with 137, and finally my uncle with 121 (that's a pretty good amount for my uncle who knows almost nothing about football). Anything above 140 through Week 15, I think is a good amount. All my grandfather does is look at the line and he picks about 66% of games right. That means if he was an NFL team he would have between 10 and 11 wins!!! That means that he gets 10 to 11 games right a week!!! I might be Better Than The Experts, with stats and analyzing, but my grandfather is definitely Better Than The Experts, with picking. Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. Uh-Oh better not let your grandfather or Uncle read this blog!!!