Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Corey Webster For Pro Bowl
Michael Lombardi says that Patrick Peterson is the 3rd best corner in the NFC. In my opinion he isn't even a good number 2 corner on the Cardinals. I know he's a rookie, but Michael Lombardi, should go watch some film or stop talking. In the same article he said that it's o.k. to leave Jason Witten off. Corey Webster aka "The Web" has been the best if not the second best corner in the NFC. He held Sidney Rice, Fitzgerald, and Stevie Johnson to 132 yards combined. That's about 40 yards been player. He has 6 ints. through 15 games. That's not because he's baiting and getting beat. That's because he's either stride for stride with the receiver or the defensive line is getting the quarterback to make a mistake. Don't even bring up Wes Welker, because for the few plays Webster was covering him, he held him to nothing. I just named the best case for the Pro Bowl. Imagine how many corners are better than Peterson. Webster should get in the Pro Bowl because of how great he's done this year, and just for Michael Lombardi, he has a high ceiling.

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