Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Most Likely Places Quarterbacks Will Land" Part 1

EJ Manuel: Browns
The Browns are definitely not going with a quarterback with the 6th overall pick. I think they will try to take one late in the first to early in the second round, or possibly in the third round. I assure you it will not be Geno Smith. I think that who ever they like best or who looks best, they will pick, EJ Manuel is the hot name right now.
25% chance

Ryan Nassib: Bills
I think it is starting to get obvious that the Bills are setting up a smoke-screen. They have basically shown interest in every single top five quarterback except Ryan Nassib, who Doug Marrone said he loves. Bad smoke-screens often get derailed by contradictions, and I see a major one here.
85% chance

Mike Glennon: Cardinals
The Cardinals want to stretch the field, so they brought in the guy with the second biggest gun in the draft. This pick will happen in either the second or the third round. I don't think Bruce Arians is fine with Hoyer or Stanton. I do think both have the potential to be playoff starting quarterbacks.
25% chance

Tyler Bray: Raiders
The Raiders have always been known for going after quarterbacks with big arm strength. I think the Carson Palmer experiment is over with. It will be a battle between Bray and Pryor for the starting job.
75% chance

Next time I will have the most likely places Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, and Matt Scott will land.

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