Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rejection From Bleacher Report

This statement below proves why society will take experience over greatness. In the application I sent, I listed my prior journalism experience and also a 500 word article. I assume judging from this email that they glanced if not even read my 500 word article. I put hours of work into that application, and they put about maybe five minutes into this generic email. So I replied back with this:
I would like to inform you, that this is the worst decision you will ever make.
Below is the generic email I received from Bleacher Report. After reading please comment below with any thoughts you might have.

Thank you very much for your application to the Bleacher Report Writer Program. Unfortunately, our Writer Admissions Board has reviewed your work and decided not to grant you publishing credentials at the current time.

As the Web’s premier platform for fan-friendly sports content, B/R has an obligation both to its readers and to its contributors to rigorously scrutinize all new writer applicants. We take that obligation very seriously, which is why we’re so firmly committed to upholding our admissions standards:
In your particular case, the writing sample you submitted for review failed to satisfy the requirements to which we hold all applicants. Although we’re grateful for the time and energy you invested in your application, we would be remiss if we failed to apply to you the same standards we apply to everyone else.

That said, we hope that you’ll take advantage of the many other opportunities which B/R offers to its users, including the ability to comment on articles and interact with fellow fans. We also strongly encourage you to continue to hone your writing and analytical skills in the month ahead, and we’d gladly review another Writer Application from you after an interval of 90 days.

Please also note that, due to the exceptionally high volume of Writer Program Applications we receive, we aren’t able to answer inquiries from individual candidates. should feel free to raise your questions or concerns in the B/R Community Forum...
...and, in any case, we hope that we’ll be hearing from you again at some down the road.

All the best,

The Bleacher Report Team

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