Monday, December 24, 2012

My NFL Award Predictions 2012: MVP and Comeback Player of the Year

MVP and Comeback Player of the Year: 

a.k.a. "The Robot"
He's a straight up beast. He's averaging 6.0 yards per carry, which is up there with the greats. Unless Marshawn Lynch obliterates the NFL record book, Peterson will lead the league in rushing. He's 102 yards away from 2,000, which has only been touched six times. He is already eighth on the single season rushing list.
Peyton Manning took a division champion team, and made them a Super Bowl contender. Adrian Peterson took a team with the third overall draft pick and made them a playoff contender. This is better than what Barry Sanders has done, because Barry never tore up him knee.
Adrian Peterson had his knee destroyed while he was on pace for his fifth consecutive 1,000 yard season. He was projected to return half way through the season but, he returned in time for the regular season. Peterson ran for 182 yards against Seattle, 108 yards against Chicago, 210 yards against Green Bay, 154 yards against Chicago again, and 212 yards against St. Louis. If he runs for 100 yards against Green Bay this weekend then he will have run for 100 yards in every NFC North Divisional game this year.
All the analysts and commentators for ESPN said that he will never be the same. Personally, I think he looks better with his new knee.

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