Monday, March 5, 2012

The Saints' Bounties

What Greg Williams did was a 100% wrong. As my boy Eli said it has no place in football. That's like paying a a pitcher in baseball to throw a pitch at a batter's head. It has no place in the game. Ending players careers for money. Getting paid not to tacks or sack but to knock one out of the game. I know most players try to do that already, but now they start to hit late, hit the qb on running plays, and hit helmet to helmet. It's not that they aren't hitting legal, it's that it will lead to concussions and late hard fouls. Some hits are ok but hitting the qb on running plays, REALLY? Hitting under the knees late, REALLY? Late fouls helmet to helmet hits is really what matters. Pay to KNOCK OUT is not right, ending careers for a few thousand is selfish and you will literary pay for it in fines.

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